Deposit Terms and Conditions

I hereby am signing to agree to pay a non refundable deposit in order to secure my appointment at Pride and Glory

I understand that I forfeit this deposit in the event of cancelling for any reason or turning up without the required form of current photo I.D.

I understand that Pride & Glory will not tattoo me if I am pregnant or breastfeeding, and if I do not inform them when booking, they have the right to refuse to tattoo me on the day causing me to lose my deposit.

I understand that if I wish to move my appointment, I must provide Pride and Glory with at least 72 hours notice or I will also forfeit my deposit.

I also understand that to notify within 72 hours must be done by coming to the studio in person, or speaking in person by calling the studio on 01702 719794.

I am aware that Pride & Glory will not accept an email, facebook message, answer phone message, or text, as due to the nature of these they may be sent outside of work hours or not be seen in time.

I understand that Pride & Glory do not allow anyone to cancel or give notice to move my appointment on my behalf, only I directly can do this.

I understand that if I change my design idea last minute/without giving at least 24 hours notice, it may mean I need to be rebook in order to allow the artist time for the re-draw, in which case I will also need to pay a new deposit.

Your Deposit

To place a booking you must first enter the reference number given to you.

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