• Realistic black roses cover up tattoo by Chessie Clear at Pride & Glory tattoo studio, Leigh-on-sea
  • Colour Watercolour diamond and circle scar cover up tattoo by Chessie Clear at Pride & Glory tattoo studio, Leigh-on-sea
  • Black work detailed fine linework black Peacock tattoo, by Chessie Clear at Pride & Glory tattoo studio, Leigh-on-sea, Essex, UK.
  • Neo traditional black cat and floral moon thigh tattoo by Chessie Clear at Pride and Glory tattoo studio, Leigh-on-sea, Essex, UK.
  • Black work pretty floral moon black foot tattoo by Chessie Clear at Leigh-on-sea, Essex, UK.

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Starting off as a busy and highly sought after custom tattoo studio based in Leigh-on-sea, Pride and Glory was founded early 2014 by Chessie Clear, an already established artist and tattooist who had been working in the industry since 2007. Her vision was to create a unique and original tattoo environment for tattoo enthusiasts.

Located just fifty minutes from the heart of London, in the historic seaside town of Leigh-on-sea. Chessie found her home amongst Leigh-on-sea's thriving artistic community and opened the doors to her beautiful and unique studio - Pride & Glory.

We believed the world of tattooing had evolved, with tattoos coming into their own as a recognised and celebrated art form. The aim for this studio was to follow in this new wave, along with a beautiful gallery space, to create a modern atmosphere and an artistic space like no other.

Over the four years since it opened, Chessie and her studio Pride & Glory cemented their reputation for high standards of bespoke, beautiful and solid work, as well as outstanding customer service. Late 2017 Chessie was joined by her talented partner and apprentice Shevy, together creating an inspiring artistic partnership, their customer base continued to grow, with the studio growing from strength to strength.

In the interest of continued growth, Chessie decided to shut the doors to the original studio at the end of 2018. With the intention of touring, collaborating and reaching her full potential as an artist.

Both Chessie and Shevy will pursue their creative careers as a collective of artist's under the well regarded name of Pride and Glory. With Shevy already proving himself as a promising and talented tattoo artist in the making, under Chessie's tutorship. Chessie continues to keep her home base in the town of Leigh-on-sea, whilst regularly guesting and collaborating with other prominent artists around the UK and around the globe.

Our collective pride themselves on being able to take your ideas and inspiration, and evolve it into an outstanding piece of art work. Both specialising in creating their own unique style of art that is always bespoke and custom to the individual.

Pride & Glory will continue to be the home hub for our collective. It will be here that you will find all information about upcoming guest spots, conventions, flash days, get in contact with both of our artist's and keep updated with our work.

Going forward we will be working by appointment only.

If you wish to get in contact with us to discuss a design idea, or to book either a consultation or appointment please get in contact via email today.

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